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Some words such as lessons learned, lessons, and profound review, mutual understanding, and some similar types of words, nothing more reflective. Reflection on a person's growth, is good for doing everything, optimized for Web site success, reflection is very important. Website optimization
did know, especially at the beginning of time, always could have quick temper Ho Ho day view rankings. Efforts for a few weeks, if you have yet to see significant results when even began to question their methods are correct, does not know the correct methods needed durable persistence. Many started optimizing some instant success, as soon as possible in order to achieve the ranking results, even desperate way to cheat. We see some of the Brush tool, the original tool, webmasters and online promotion of Baidu ranked first three days of advertising, are in fact won by cheating. Black hat tactics might be uncomfortable to play a very good results, but not for long, because that undermines the rules of search engine rankings, punishment is no doubt things.
constant reflection, but can find out other people's and their own deficiencies, reflections of themselves in ever more maturity in the course of the review. Web site optimization is a long-term, even with very hard work, and if the lack of a mature mind no matter how to hang on to the last. We know that a very common word, if you want to go into the front, takes two months or even longer. Not to mention some of the more popular and more competitive terms, the author optimized "website design" when the ranking of the word, as thousands of Internet companies in Shanghai are staring at the words, we spent six months hard work, the Word will be optimized to only Home. You know, that half a year but we don't break every original building and outside the chain. If there is no mature mentality supporting beliefs, perhaps in three or four months, they were giving up.
website optimization is to keep pace with the pace of work, facing every day new challenges and puzzles, learn to reflect inadequate you can allow yourself to discover, can sum up a suitable optimization method. Mention the search engines themselves are constantly adjusting algorithms, competitors are constantly changing ways to think beyond? learn to reflect an early review, it's easier to find ways to find yourself sooner. If you want to be a good optimization, from now on learn to reflect and review it.
a great man once said; criticism is a powerful weapon. In today's information age, this sentence appears also true
. Dare to criticize their own shortcomings and mistakes must be successful people!