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These SEO tips, my own view is that these so called SEO experts are forgetting one thing. SEO's ultimate goal is not just to raise their ranking search engine results pages Home, but also need to be durable and stable top.
company, in its "stand up to the owners of suggestions" clearly have stated that "Baidu is more like a unique and original content, if your site content is a copy from the collection, and highly unlikely to be Baidu." When many SEO peers in dealing with original content, are very impatient and experiencing difficulties in finding a lot of excuses to say original, original trouble, in fact, Baidu does not need to update your Web site content, every day a review or an article a week, your site can still obtain more of the top-ranking. While many of the SEO believes that I only need to edit content machine can, which to bypass the search engine rules, not know, this line of thinking has already decided you are not white hat thinking, so that search engines penalize your site has been granted.
we know how to identify original content Baidu, but we never know the search engine algorithm is no longer the original information. The reason is very simple, even if the ranking is in front of you right now, but as long as search engines recognize these reworked after the acquisition, they did not hesitate to punish you for your Web site. We received the news that Google is that Google has been able to identify original artifacts of the English machine translation into Chinese practices. So now I believe you are not punished false original content will be discarded by the search engine in the near future.
Black chain, many colleagues asked whether we have studied, I am sorry, as early as at the beginning of 2009, we have studied the black chain, but we got the result, works well in the early, while the latter search engines punish sites, we do not know the original added black chain on that website, so even though you know will be k, only a fight. Also because of this reason, we use black chain at a test station, we are no longer in use on other Web sites, no promoting other students and peers. Black chain violated the Internet Ethics, sooner or later, as with original artifacts, exit the SEO stage of history. Buy link
, many companies prefer to use, including some of the leading SEO companies in Shanghai are buying links, I think this is a very foolish choice, although the purchase links can save time, but Google Google Japan company PR clear has shown that Google must punish bought links. We do not recommend that: any company with any excuse to buy links. Because SEO factors are not lost or can make up counter.
so much, many SEO started to impatiently, that you so much nonsense, do you think that three is the most important one?
in our opinion: good valuable professional information, user pages and search engine crawling good code is the core of SEO should focus.
search engine's objective is to provide users with information, and if we are able to provide valuable information, even if a search engine is not included, all the other search engines will give good rankings, of course, the basic premise of SEO is no problem, is not going to happen.
user good of page is search engine company to solution of second a problem, in user found information Hou, into to search engine chain received of website is a let user psychological comfortable of a website, and if user using a search engine find to has information, but into of website are is readability poor of website words, user also is not like Shang this search engine of, all user good of page is SEO should efforts research of a direction.
search engine spiders crawling good code, many colleagues think that this is nothing more than code, it's just one of them. Your links to other sites also affects the spiders crawl, many SEO peers present research is the code structure of the site itself, and ignore the external code structure of the site. In other words, an in-house code of good Web sites and a spider-unfriendly internal codes page, will affect the frequency of Spider crawl your site.
in short, SEO research should be combined with the search engines, searchers, commercial websites and SEO themselves the interests of four four-win, this is the SEO industry long-term stability strategies! Petty, a well-known SEO will ruin or a reputable SEO company.