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The saying "don't bear suffering medium bitterness, difficult person of the behavior." For every webmaster, this is true. Site rankings for all is one of the most caring thing, is also the most difficult thing to do, websites such as cloud, ranked Home was not an easy task, the key is how we take hold, depends on a webmaster's ability. Fuzhou website below will also talk about how to improve your site's ranking, enter the Baidu Home points:
1, every day to update site content. Said Baidu content is King, in fact, was not so, but Baidu Baidu snapshots, so please, must make a snapshot is up-to-date, so you need to update content every day, so that ranking, not only to the company, each search engine. But don't COPY or original artifacts from the Internet, to do original articles, and articles it is better to keep your content relevant, so that can enrich your site content, and secondly to attract search engines used to visit your site, that gives you a good rating.
2, increasing backlinks, to have quality links, not everywhere is the kind of spam links, spam links and sooner or later will be k station.
3, do internal linking and let the spider to smooth browsing your website.
4, draw text links. Whether it is an internal link or external link, it is best to draw text links, which can improve Web site keyword ranking.
5, to continue to increase the chain. Today not much, no tomorrow, this will raise doubts in search engines. I did such a thing, Baidu's account to the site does not update the snapshot for a month, also dropped a lot.
6, determine good keyword. Do keywords is a is has learned of things, this to see personal capacity, if you no capacity, that on don't do very hot of keywords, you also competition but family, like this station on do outside wall Board or PVC outside wall hanging Board like of keywords, do has one months has also check not to ranking, later I on for has compared neutral of Word, almost of keywords,, ranking up has, in consider for hot keywords, step by step well.
7, looking for links. Links must watch other sites, if you find other sites where there is punished by the search engines, such as: k off many Web pages, no Home, snapshot is not updated for a long time, included is not high, and so on.
8, if you are a man of resource, you can use your resources, looking for quality websites to give you links, or to buy, it will have a multiplier effect.
9, this is very important, is our patience. Process of doing website optimization is not a short time, if you want to do this you need to hold on, maybe your site will never rank well, but you will learn a lot of knowledge, I now only a rookie, still learning, hope one day I can become a master.
you reap what you sow, as long as hard work, there is a great harvest.