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With one of the words, absolutely cannot be the only one in the optimization, the more popular keywords are more concerned about, the greater difficulty of optimization. Website optimization is no absolute leading, so even if you ranked very near the top, but also cautious. Behind because there are more sought after and competitive. If the temporary Web site optimization ranking is not ideal when you learn to reflect in order to win, just need to figure out another method, allow yourself to grow more from competitors, rather than its own laurels.
Optimization has no concept of absolute stability, especially the new site up and optimization of the site. Carefully analyze the competitor's optimization and comparing them to comb their deficiencies and experience, quicker to let yourself recognize themselves beyond their own. Saying enemy will victorious, website optimization is like this, first position, in particular on the first page, not your top is my first post on more regardless of competitors ' final aim is to transcend distance and give yourself a relatively safe and stable position.