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Do SEO done a certain stage, you will find nothing Advanced SEO techniques, words can say the essence of SEO: content is King, the chain for the emperor. But it's easier said, is not so simple to do. Especially if the site down the right, that is the time tested SEO staff strength. When it comes to site down the right, every SEO personnel should be quite a headache. Lot of work hard everyday, but nothing to see, people have no incentive to continue to work hard. In fact, SEO is like, not only the present, keep their eyes away, to eventually total goals and work hard.
on China's current situation, most of the optimization of enterprise by allowing keyword rankings, to increase the company's sales. Customers generally are keywords in Baidu ranked results. , So if the site is down right Baidu, what should we do?
first of all, to my own website, for example. I have a snapshot of the station initially included all normal, because it is a new station, keywords are not ranked, but some long tail keywords ranked Baidu first, because of the personal relationship, I changed three times in a two month period program, which is collected from other stations. Finally sites not included, snapshot is stopped with new, site is down right now. In order to save my domain name, I wanted to get this station, and then relocated to the site, making Baoding SEO blog, a WordPress system is downloaded from the Internet, and every day with a new one or two articles, are original and some categories, Web bookmarks, persist for more than a week, but Baidu had no reaction. I know Baidu now is test I of patience and perseverance, after all zhiqian I for has three times program, and articles are is collection of, Baidu certainly has not like I has, so I must to good performance, let he see I of integrity, after nearly one months of efforts Baidu finally again accepted has I, now I of snapshot is latest of, keywords ranking also is good. I personally think that if the Baidu search engine optimization, you must pay attention to the content, best original content, but also to insist that every new, outside the chain do not increase too much, if you increase a lot in a short time outside the chain, Baidu will think you're cheating. Will reduce the site's weight.
website drop right zhihou don't panic, also first don't moving internal of things, you first to do of is analysis website drop right of reasons: has no cheat behavior, have changes website, website have in the Trojans, have in short time within crazy increased links, content quality how, if these problem you are excluded out has, so on has may is Baidu with new has algorithm, you as long as is by zhiqian of method continues to optimization on can has, if you has has what cheat behavior, That is targeted at specific problems to solve.