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Each a webmaster are hope himself of website ranking by Qian, network Shang many this aspects of articles, General told of truth similar, for new webmaster for, think involved surface too wide too miscellaneous, for very tired of webmaster for, think ambition, now on I of points experience talk about, hope on webmaster are has help:
a, and select good of open source system
recommended using DEDECMS, and PHP168 system, certainly other system also the has advantages, I think that these two systems easier to manage, and I may be more familiar with because of it.
two webmasters, don't often change the template
after a while felt the beauty of your site as well as others, try to find a different template to put on, just update the beginning of busy landscaping to make it different, but after some time, and will be interested in other templates. This kind of mentality is undesirable indeed! Owners must remember that frequent replacement of templates for Web sites, was a bruising, take a long time to recover.
three, up to date, article quality is always the search engines and Internet users value most
update frequency and number of updates. If time permits, try to manually update each channel is updated on a daily basis, there is a pattern to do.
four, doing promotion
I I don't rule out that the soft article promotion component, but issued soft should also pay attention to the quality and practical. Only in this way, soft wisdom can be reproduced more, will give me more opportunities to increase the chain, the effect will be better. This is one of the reasons I recommend soft article promotion.
Xin Zhan yearn for attention, study flow is the new station will do something every day, feeling also changes with the graph. I talked about in my article, webmasters not to try all kinds of methods, after all, everyone's energy is limited, there are 10 QQ number, each number can be followed by 40 groups, each group have an average of 100 people, you already have the audience of 40,000 people. Don't be afraid of being kicked out, you cannot add QQ Group out. Unremitting publicity, can already make your traffic has reached a relatively high level.
of course, you can choose to use other methods, choose the familiar convenience of, insist on better.
five, sincere service
many owners like to use software for Internet users engage in false traffic, each brush IP, I am always against, only the formal longer, worked hard to build a website, gain short-term pleasure, and finally come to a bad end, I don't think the vast majority of webmasters wanted. Practical work, enthusiasm for the Internet service is the basis for constant effort, your FANS will be more and more.