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Website construction is a combination of technology and art

There is an old saying in China: "steel on the blade" on the war, sharp force is often the vanguard of attack. Keywords in website optimization and how reasonable there is attacking impetus, as warfare troops, Vanguard is very important. Keywords pioneer of website optimization is the key word. Today's talk about keywords and site page ranking in the search engines what relevance and impact.
1: where the keywords appear in the title tag. This factor is also very important. According to practical experience, keywords in the title tag is also weighted in the order the order, top keywords so the higher the weight.
2: use keywords in the page title. This method has many friends in the industry recognize and practice are useful methods and tools. Use keywords in the
3:H1 label. This factor may have a lot of people don't think it's that useful now, but the same practice as it affects the keyword in the search engine rankings.
4: keyword in the page should be complete and accurate. For example, "wedding photography" is this your keywords, then do not put keywords into the "wedding photography tips".
5: keyword density. Is also a US General SEOer attention and discussion topics. Keyword density = keyword occurrence/total number of Word articles. We all deem to be 5%-7% as well. But also follows a principle, which is: do not deliberately added, affect the readability of the article.
6: repeated keywords in the title tag of the appropriate. It means that you can make your core keywords repeated appearances in the title tag, but to pay attention to skills, not piling up. Proved the settings may help rankings.
7:100 words before the contents page appears keywords. This keyword sets comply with search engine crawling mechanisms and sort. These would be obtained through practice, and not without cause.
8: the number of visible text on the page appears keywords. This not only refers to the content of the page. You can view page source to see. Moderate appears to avoid suspicion of keyword stuffing.
9: image ALT attribute. The use of this property can solve the problem of image cannot be optimized, ALT property allows search engines to understand the meaning of this picture, and you can add keywords in the ALT attribute.
10: export import links and external links on the page using the keyword anchor text. By linking keywords corresponding to the relevance of text can increase rankings in search engines.
above ten is me, rather, and each element has to follow, and tested. Search engine optimization is a key word. If you have good methods and experiences to share with everyone!

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