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Personal site construction needs to pay attention to what

Construction needs to pay attention to what your personal site, comment is the focus Twitter interaction, we often see more than more than 100,000 fans Twitter a few people comment by bloggers, that Microblogs are only two possibilities, the first is a fake fan, pay someone to brush up, the second fan is active low, are also related to the micro-blog content, such as subject is not centered. Initiative to review your Twitter related content, fans can efficiently find what you need, as I now sells used cars, which I will often go to the Twitter attention.
personal site construction needs to pay attention to what the who refers to the used car, if he said he would assess the used car price, or say what they want to buy used cars, when you take the initiative, to promote your brand. Play a Twitter promotion, could find no effective promotion methods, but Twitter fans are already automatically up long 1-6 only every day, a bit slow if you want Twitter to promote quick, you can try the following trick.
personal website construction need note which mutual powder, SINA has 2000 ceiling, QQ micro-Bo I didn't too fine research, note mutual powder is has skills, as found you of peer or with you related user mutual powder, also to note this micro-Bo account active degrees, for example he registered has one years only sent a article micro-Bo, you powder he, must have not to back powder. Active comment 200 tweets per day, exposing themselves, this comment needs to the point, don't comment for comments. Twitter fan friends to help you forward, King trumpet, this is a usual trick Twitter promotion. Micro-blogging site and now im very powerful, written by QQ and MSN Direct, where there is no network, as long as phones can also update their own content, even if you are in the scene. Micro-blog to my personal feeling to promote timely and quickly.