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Case study the importance of attention to SEO news on Taobao

The principle of using the news to improve Web site traffic we've all heard, but the difficulty lies in how SEO staff can grasp the news, to create a flow. Is generally required by the cumulative effect of the network intuition and sensitivity to Internet content to be judged. Image of a very common example is cat front message: "in case of fire it! "In fact, this is a forecast of posts will pop up.
for the electrical contractor, too. Because I worked in a B2C Taobao Mall, so I cite two examples of Taobao SEO, take this Act might be able to give us some ideas.
recently, in fact, isn't the last, celebrity Twitter the day before holding fire in a network is the "Godfather" of Zhou Rui Emily. Young Zhou Rui exposes a CD with the "Godfather" pictures caused widespread concern at the birthday party, Zhou Rui in the micro-blog said "thanks I take time out of your busy schedule to hold a birthday party during the two sessions, a fire across the network.