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4 factors affecting the user experience

With the development of Internet products, more and more people realize the importance of the user experience, more and more companies set up UED-related sectors, and the post is quite detailed. UED in the Division of functions, but most of the interface level only. In fact, an Internet product strategy to the final line, where each step might affect the final experience. To sum up, Henry believed that there are 4 important factors will have a significant impact on the final experience. They are: product strategy, user interface, technology and operations.
said each of the 4 factors below. Explain each factor at the same time, will give 2 examples of the factors, an example is on the Internet and the other similar examples in daily life. All the cases involved, just what I can see (which means, I have described the problem, I do not see the level, might be a reasonable thing, or have difficulties), set up to illustrate the problem, and representative Henry only personal views.
, product strategy (position: Product Manager)
product strategy is the soul. Product strategies in addition to determining the specific features of the products, also have a significant impact on experience. Bad policy can potentially harm the user experience.